Seasons change and the face of nature’s colours and landscapes changes with them. Kuuse Concept Houses are like oases in the midst of this constant change, somewhere in which you can have the chance to be part of the change and to recreate your world.

Our houses were intentionally and carefully designed, from beginning to end, from the perspective of creating harmony between functionality and appearance. A perfect environment for being active is at your disposal. The required sports equipment and a recovery sauna are both waiting for you. Just step out of the door and you will find yourself on a nature trail, a ski run, or a perfect path for trail running – there are endless options.

The interiors which have been developed in cooperation with our designers are placid, creating a modestly luxurious atmosphere which will ensure a relaxing holiday for you.

About Kuuse

Embraced by the unique, protected landscape, lush nature, and winding roads of the Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve, a pearl of modern holiday architecture awaits: the Kuuse Concept Houses.

Here, just forty-five minutes from Tallinn, you will be welcomed into a quiet refuge which will allow you to leave behind your daily rhythm and step into nature’s very own rhythms. Set up a training base camp or one for a discovery trip or a creative hub for your company, and allow your inspiration to flow and your body and mind to relax. It is important for us to be sure that people from all walks of life feel great here.

Inspired by the characteristic fir tree-shaped silhouettes of the houses, the name for the Kuuse Concept Houses is very symbolic (‘kuusk’ is Estonian for ‘fir tree’). It fits ideally into this location in the midst of fir and pine trees.

The late sports journalist, Lembitu Kuuse, also played a big part in the birth of the brand. Lembitu’s passion for sports activities and being active in general can also be felt in the Kuuse Concept Houses, and is additionally reflected through his biography. The houses are a nod to the legendary man whose impassioned support helped to raise an entire generation of sports lovers.

The experiences

At the Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Resort, a stone’s throw away from the Kuuse Concept Houses, seasonal experiences are always within your reach. A trip on an inflated SUP board on the Soodla river, orienteering in the lush Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve, or a sunrise hike in the bog are just some of the examples of a refreshing active holiday.

One thing is for sure — this will be Your experience of being in the nature.

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